The Answers You Need


Why do you want to be a County Commissioner?

Growing up in Maury County, I want to give back to the County that I love so much.  Having over 15 of years of Government experience, mostly in the IT Field, I feel I can bring an innovation approach to deal with the growth we are experiencing.  Our County is changing and we need to properly manage that change.

What are you focused on?

As a candidate for County Commission, I want to focus on change management, transparency, innovation, and fiscal responsibility. It is extremely important that we’re working with our surrounding communities as we are all experiencing growth and change. Change is difficult and while we can’t stop it, we can properly manage it by embracing innovation and transparency, all the while, being fiscally responsible to our tax payers.

What qualifies you to be a County Commissioner?

I have over 15 years of government experience.  I have a great deal of experience looking at complex problems and providing solutions.  In my first year as an IT Director for a municipal government agency, I was able to reduce our overall budget 4.3%, at the same time maintaining the same level of operations and adding over $100,000 in program enhancements.  I have experience working on a Parks and Recreation Commission and working on a community comprehensive plan.  

In additional to my years of experience in government, I also hold a doctorate degree in business administration, a master degree in computer information systems and a bachelor degree in organizational management.

What kind of doctor are you?

By now you've probably realized, I'm not a medical doctor.  I'm not the first person you want to call if you're sick.  My doctorate degree is in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology.  Similar to a medical doctor spending years in college to learn how to perform medical treatments, I spent 12 years in college learning how to run a business with an innovative approach.  This is the knowledge and experience I bring with me to the County Commission position.